Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hot Off The Presses: Recent Articles of Interest

With hat tip to the Current Index of Legal Periodicals, here are some recent articles that may be of interest:

Judy A. Clausen, Personal Jurisdiction Based on Internet Activities: Oldfield v. Pueblo De Bahia Lora, S.A.--the Eleventh Circuit Finally Discusses Zippo but Leaves Lower Courts Needing More Guidance, 11 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 53 (2009)

Ezra Friedman & Abraham L. Wickelgren, Chilling, Settlement, and the Accuracy of the Legal Process, 26 J.L. Econ. & Org. 144 (2010)

Michael J. Kaufman & John M. Wunderlich, The Unjustified Judicial Creation of Class Certification Merits Trials in Securities Fraud Actions, 43 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 323 (2010)

Joseph Kimble, Lessons in Drafting from the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 12 Scribes J. Legal Writing 25 (2008-2009)

Russell Smyth, The Business of the Australian State Supreme Courts over the Course of the 20th Century. 7 J. Empirical Legal Stud. 141 (2010)

Symeon C. Symeonides, Choice of Law in Cross-Border Torts: Why Plaintiffs Win and Should, 61 Hastings L.J. 337 (2009)

Abraham L. Wickelgren, A Right to Silence for Civil Defendants? 26 J.L. Econ. & Org. 92 (2010)

The Changing Shape of Federal Civil Pretrial Practice. Foreword by Catherine T. Struve; articles by Scott Dodson, Edward A. Hartnett and Elizabeth M. Schneider. 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 421-570 (2010)

Catherine T. Struve, Foreword: Procedure as Palimpsest, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 421 (2010)

Scott Dodson, Comparative Convergences in Pleading Standards, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 441 (2010)

Edward A. Hartnett, Taming Twombly, Even After Iqbal, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 473 (2010)

Elizabeth M. Schneider, The Changing Shape of Federal Civil Pretrial Practice: The Disparate Impact on Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Cases, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 517 (2010)

Gregory M. Capone, Note, You Got Served: Why an Excusable Neglect Standard Should Govern Extensions of Service Time After Untimely Service Under Rule 4(m), 83 St. John's L. Rev. 665 (2009)

Ryan Griffin, Note, Litigating the Contours of Constitutionality: Harmonizing Equitable Principles and Constitutional Values when Considering Preliminary Injunctive Relief, 94 Minn. L. Rev. 839 (2010)


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