Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alienage Jurisdiction: What Would Ali G Say?

It seems we now have a chance to find out.  The Palestinian activist Aiman Abu Aita has sued British actor and comedian Sascha Baron-Cohen (creator and actor of the Ali G, Bruno and other characters) for $110 million in damages for defamation, alleging that he was portrayed as a terrorist in Baron-Cohen's recent flim "Bruno."  NBC Universal and CBS are also defendants, and have moved to dismiss the case, arguing that there is no alienage jurisdiction when both the plaintiff and a defendant are aliens.

I'm sure that Baron-Cohen could come up with far better jokes than I, but that would require him actually caring about things like diversity and alienage jurisdiction.  Then again, it seems that he has 110 million reasons to care.

The Hollywood Reporter has further coverage here.


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