Monday, March 29, 2010

Today: SCOTUS hears arguments in Morrison v. National Australia Bank

The Supreme Court will hold oral argument in Morrison v. National Australia Bank, a securities class action by foreign investors against a large Australian Bank with a Florida subsidiary.  The Court will consider whether there is enough of a connection to the U.S. to maintain jurisdiction.  The questions presented are:

I. Whether the antifraud provisions of the United States securities laws extend to transnational frauds where: (a) the foreign-based parent company conducted substantial business in the United States, its American Depository Receipts were traded on the New York Stock Exchange and its financial statements were filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”); and (b) the claims arose from a massive accounting fraud perpetrated by American citizens at the parent company’s Florida-based subsidiary and were merely reported from overseas in the parent company’s financial statements. 

II. Whether this Court, which has never addressed the issue of whether subject matter jurisdiction may extend to claims involving transnational securities fraud, should set forth a policy to resolve the three-way conflict among the circuits (i.e., District of Columbia Circuit versus the Second, Fifth and Seventh Circuits versus the Third, Eighth and Ninth Circuits). 

III. Whether the Second Circuit should have adopted the SEC’s proposed standard for determining the proper exercise of subject matter jurisdiction in transnational securities fraud cases, as set forth in the SEC’s amicus brief submitted at the request of the Second Circuit, and whether the Second Circuit should have adopted the SEC’s finding that subject matter jurisdiction exists here due to the “material and substantial conduct in furtherance of” the securities fraud that occurred in the United States.

Further coverage of today's oral argument is available at The National Law Journal.  Paul Karlsgodt at the Class Action Blawg posted commentary on the Second Circuit decision in Morrison back in 2008.


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