Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Court Budgets Are Tight All Over

Court clerks in Spain's Andalusa region now must take the bus instead of a taxi, their traditional mode of transportation, when they have to serve a summons. 

However, this money-saving strategy has significantly reduced efficiency.  Using taxis, a clerk can run about 20 judicial errands a day, but using the bus means only about seven or eight errands per day. The clerks complain that taking the bus is not only inconvenient and inefficient, but it is also unsafe.  "We have even had serious incidents of having to flee under gunfire," said Francisco Rueda, a court clerk and union leader. 

But, Andalusian Justice Minister Begona Alvarez chalked the resistance up to habit and said that the new bus rule is an appropriate response to a budgetary crisis.
The region's court system will soon benefit from a 600 million Euro plan to expand courts, hire more judges, and purchase more computers, but the money will come slowly over time and will not provide any immediate relief for the clerks' transportation woes.

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