Monday, February 4, 2008

CAFA's Revolving Door

Over at Drug and Device Law, Sean Costello has written a guest post titled "CAFA's Revolving Door."   His post begins:

The Class Action Fairness Act has succeeded in shifting more putative class actions from state to federal court. Whether we’re talking about original federal filings or removals from state court, in the post-CAFA world – and, particularly, in the months immediately after CAFA became law – there were more putative class actions in federal courts than before CAFA.

That’s the conclusion reached by the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) researchers who have been studying the statistics since CAFA took effect. Last July, I guest-posted about the FJC’s comparison of pre and post CAFA numbers.  The FJC’s April 2007 report showed a dramatic increase in putative class actions filed in or removed to federal court.

Click here for the full post. --RR

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