Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Recent Scholarship

First, Jeremy and I would like to thank Scott for contributing this past month.  Scott, you're always welcome back.  If anyone else is interesting in a guest gig, e-mail us. 

As the summer winds up, I hope readers will help us keep up with the significant scholarship appearing on SSRN or elsewhere.  (Shameless plugs for your own pieces are encouraged.) Three pieces I've seen recently warrant a read.   The first two relate to Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, a case not unfamiliar to this blog.  First, Scott Dodson, recently published Pleading Standards after Bell Atlantic v. Twombly in the Virginia Law Review in Brief.  Second, Benjamin Spencer, author of the Federal Civil Practice Bulletin, posted Plausibility  Pleading on SSRN.  And the third is by a newcomer to Case Western Reserve, Cassandra Burke Robertson: Reviewing Jury Verdicts in Federal Court: The Overlooked  Distinction between the Sufficiency and Weight of the Evidence.  --RR

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