Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Signing Off

Does it seem to anyone else that the summer has gone by faster than usual? It seems like my last class of spring was just a few weeks ago and that my first class for fall is just around the corner.

In any case, the month of July is over, and so is my stint guest blogging here.  As my last post, I figured I'd provide some thoughts about the experience.

Before I started the gig, I had heard other professors express reservations about pre-tenured folks blogging, in large part because it takes time away from writing. That is true, but I have to say that the time commitment has not been onerous. I still managed to complete a major full-length article this summer, essays in Virginia Law Review's In Brief and Northwestern's Colloquy, and several Encyclopedia entries.  And, there are several important positives from the experience: (1) It enabled me to get some thoughts our early and hear responses to them that then helped me refine points I made in my essays; (2) It gave me the opportunity to reach out to other scholars in my field whom I did not know; and (3) It was just plain fun--a great forum in which to speak my mind on issues about which I care deeply.

Bottom line is that I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I think I am better off for it. Thanks so much to Jeremy and Rory for letting me step in and post some thoughts.

--Scott Dodson


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