Saturday, March 3, 2007

More on where to start

Last week, we asked what topic you cover first in Civil Procedure.  The post generated thoughtful comments from Prof. Vladeck of the University of Miami School of law, Prof. Wasserman of FIU, and Prof. Erichson of Seton Hall.   These comments reminded us of a former colleague's concern.  What obligation do we have, if any, as CivPro Profs, to the other first-year courses and their instructors?  Starting with pleadings and legal-sufficiency review requires students to focus on elements and causes of action, which will help them process the significance of the procedural posture in their "substantive courses," or so the argument went.  I suppose there are two questions:  Do CivPro instructors have a unique obligation among first-year instructors, and if so, does a particular starting place best fulfill that obligation?

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Here in Australia most law schools cover the subject of civil procedure in the later years of the LLB degree.

The Course I am studying places the primary content for the subject area within the final year programe of an LLB/LP Grad Entry course.

Posted by: Marcus | Mar 3, 2007 6:06:18 PM

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