Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heavily armed police confront protesters of Michael Brown's shooting death by Ferguson police officer

The violence in Ferguson, MO continued last night after a third day of protests of the shooting death by a police officer of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American. 

Witness accounts of the shooting differ from those of police. Witnesses of the shooting claim the teenager was shot multiple times by the officer while he held his hands in the air. Another witness claims Brown was shot while on the ground. However, police claim the teenager assaulted the officer and attempted to grab the officer's gun.

Differing accounts notwithstanding, the officer shot at least once from inside the vehicle and then fired multiple rounds once outside. Brown's bullet-ridden body was found 35 feet from the police car

On Sunday, a vigil held in remembrance of the slain teen reportedly led some to riot and loot several local business. Protests commenced the following day. Armed policed eventually confronted the protesters and ordered them to disperse. When the protesters remained, police reportedly used tear gas, flash granades, and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd

The Department of Justice and the FBI have announced investigations into the shooting, while local authorities plan to conduct their own investigations.

Mother Jones has compiled images from Ferguson here, and the LATimes has more here. Below are several photos from various AP sources.






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I have lived in Ferguson all my life. I am a retired lawyer who worked in the South. All this exagerated stuff about Ferguson is BS. The dead guy was on crack and was a known crack head. He lives over in Normandy School District not Ferguson-Florissant. That neighborhood where the shooting occured is part of Ferguson but is on a fringe to the east near Jennings and not even thought of as Ferguson. It is policed by Ferguson but that is about it. Look on your Google map. Look up 9600 West Florissant Rd. Then go to the west to find the real Ferguson. This story is way out of hand.

Posted by: BlindMelonChitlins | Aug 17, 2014 12:34:39 PM

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