Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Any time my attention is taken away from my judicial duties, that's a problem."

These are the words of Pennsylvania District Judge Wayne Maura who cited a man for contempt of court and issued him $50 fine because he wore his pants too low. This apparently is a thing with Maura, who reportedly has a sign on his chamber door that says "Pull your pants up!" Unfortunately for him, the common pleas judge dismissed the charges and the fine.

Adam Dennis...won a dismissal of the state district court case, as well as $50 fine, represented for free by a private practitioner, the Morning Call reports.


Although sympathetic to District Judge Wayne Maura's efforts to maintain decorum in the Allentown courtroom at issue, Lehigh Court of Common Pleas Judge William E. Ford sided with defense attorney Gavin Holihan. He argued that legal requirements of an intentional and substantial disruption of judicial proceedings weren't satisfied by Dennis' in-court attire on May 7. Dennis was in district court that day to attend a hearing involving a relative.

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