Saturday, March 8, 2014

CRL&P Daily Reads: Mar. 8, 2014

Housing advocacy group alleges Deutsche Bank discriminated against African Americans and Latinos in maintenance policy for foreclosed homes; former inmate files civil rights lawsuit alleging repeated beatings by former jailers; jury awards $3.5 million to three OC policeman claiming to have been passed over because they're Latino; and, settlement reached in case of nursing home that accommodated discriminatory request of patient by reassigning African-American nurses and placing 'No Colored Nurses' sign in patient's unit.

Couples file challenge to Indiana's same-sex marriage ban.

Snowden says he brought his concerns regarding NSA's surveillance program to at least 10 officials prior to leaking classified documents; ACLU asks Second Circuit to hold NSA's collection of Americans' telephone records unconstitutional.

Sec. Husted says failure of Libertarian candidate's campaign workers to list the party as their employer on petitions disqualifies the candidate from appearing on Ohio's general election ballot.

Federal judges uphold California gun laws

New rules for Ohio jails established to reduce lawsuits by prisoners.

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