Thursday, March 27, 2014

CRL&P Daily Reads: Mar. 27, 2014

Oklahoma state judge rules state's death penalty law is unconstitutional because of the inability  to learn which drugs are used to kill; and, lawyers sue Texas for information about the pharmacy supplying the drugs A63cb41d4393for two scheduled executions.

Appeals court upholds stay on same-sex marriages in Michigan, and Gov. Snyder says state will not recognize same-sex marriages that took place prior to the stay.

UN says U.S. hasn't fulfilled its commitments under a civil rights treaty.

Texas city faces lawsuit alleging deliberate indifference by police in a 2011 chase that ended in the claimant's bedroom.

Day care sues NYC alleging shut down provoked by complaints about extortion by a city official, who, according to the 6th Cir., is not protected here by qualified immunity.

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