Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CRL&P Daily Reads: Mar. 26, 2014

NYC corrections officer allegedly deliberately ignored the medical needs of an inmate who had swallowed poisonous cleaner.

San Fran law requiring firearms to be kept in a locked container or disabled when not being carried is constitutional, says 9th Cir.

Defense begins arguments in excessive force case against Pittsburgh police for 2010 arrest; federal judge dismisses civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force by police officers who shot at a fleeing truck; police officers cleared of wrongdoing in 2007 death of man shot six times in his own home; and, rights groups are calling for an excessive force investigation after the release of video showing the shooting death of a homeless man by Albuquerque police.

Professor Volokh clears up some apparent confusion about the right of access to public records

WaPo has this interesting round-up of vote-buying scandals.

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