Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CRL&P Daily Reads: Mar. 19, 2014

Trial date set for civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force by police offices in shooting death of man allegedly already incapacitated by a 'stun gun.'

Costume-grim-reaper-clipartOklahoma can't get drugs for upcoming executions.

Opponents of Oklahoma's same-sex marriage ban filed their brief with the 10th Circuit on Monday arguing that the law demeans same-sex couples and their children; judge denies supporter's request to intervene in challenge to Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban; and, Obama administration moves to expand healthcare coverage for same-sex couples.

Discrimination suit against FDNY alleging racial bias in written exams settles for $98 million.

Supporters of the proposed 'Ohio Voter Bill of Rights' given go-ahead to start collecting the signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot.

North Dakota announces federally funded voter ID education effort.

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