Thursday, February 20, 2014

CRL&P Daily Reads: Feb. 20, 2014

Sen. Feinstein says NSA's telephone metadata collections program is just fine because we are safe, and intelligence requires you to "know what's going to happen."   

ImagesNew York decides to stop putting teenagers and pregnant women into solitary confinement, although the developmentally disabled weren't so lucky. 

Ohio's gay marriage ban could be headed for the grave. Idaho's and Colorado's too. 

County magistrate granted judicial immunity in civil rights suit accusing him of soliciting sex from a woman wanting him to issue warrants against her alleged attackers. Relatedly, SCOTUS blog reviews qualified immunity for public officials.

The Guardian examines Florida's execution procedure

Michigan teen writes amicus urging the State Supreme Court to apply the ban on LWOP sentences to juveniles retroactively.

Snipers scope protestors as Ukrainian security forces respond to the riots in Kiev, while Press Sec. Carney scorns the violence.

Pussy Riot strong.

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