Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ohio man sues officers for $100 million for false imprisonment

In Ohio, a man is suing local police for $100 million dollars after they arrested him on cocain charges and jailed him for 52 days. According to the federal civil rights lawsuit, police surveillance video clearly shows that the target of the investigation was not the same man the police later arrested; and, by not reviewing the allegedly exculpatory video sooner the police acted unreasonably, thus violating the man's constitutional rights.

The title of this post comes from this local article, which says:

A Cincinnati man has sued two local police officers for $100 million after he was wrongfully jailed for nearly two months on felony cocaine charges even though video footage would have shown they had the wrong man.


PrisonMaurice Snow, 29, filed the federal civil rights lawsuit against a detective and lieutenant at Norwood police on Monday, accusing them of turning his life upside-down and recklessly violating his constitutional rights by detaining him without probable cause.


Norwood police Lt. Tom Williams Jr., an agency spokesman, said he Tuesday would look into the allegations but could not immediately comment on the lawsuit.


Court records show that Snow, who doesn't have a serious criminal record, was arrested on Oct. 18 and booked on four cocaine charges stemming from an investigation by Norwood police over the summer.


The lawsuit says that Snow was accused of being the drug dealer in surveillance videos that police took of controlled drug buys involving a confidential informant.


Snow was jailed for 52 days on a $25,000 bond before his then-attorney, Erik Laursen, saw the footage and got a Norwood officer to accompany him to the jail to look at Snow.


"(The officer) looked at me and said, `No, that's not him,"' Laursen said. "I said, `Let's go downstairs then because he needs to get out."'

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