Wincon Attorneys-at-Law Internship Opportunities


1. Firm name and contact person.

Firm name: Wincon Attorneys-at-Law 文康律师事务所

Contact Person: Zhang Zhiguo “Michael” 张志国


Phone Number: (86) (0532) 8077-2078


2. Time period for which you would like to have a student intern (e.g., "summer 2007"; "any period of at least three months", etc.)

       Time period: between 1 – 3 months

3a. We will assume the candidate has excellent English. Is good Chinese language ability required?

Chinese language ability is strongly preferred, but not required and will be taken into consideration when deciding on a candidate.

3b. In some countries law is an undergraduate degree, whereas in others it's a post-graduate degree. Please state if you want only post-graduate law students (e.g., JD students in the US).

       A post-graduate law student is preferred.

4. How much, if anything, can you provide in terms of salary, airfare, and housing? (Even if you can't provide anything here, please still let me know if you're willing to take interns - some might be able to find their own funding.)

       Wincon can offer a subsidy of no more than RMB2000 per month.  The intern must pay for       travel and accommodation costs.

5. I don't want to make this too complicated, but if possible, please include a general description of the type of work the intern might do.

Wincon will offer the intern the opportunity to assist with foreign-related cases, and the intern will need to help improve the firm’s English ability.