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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hu Shuli on the Gu Kailai case

Here's Hu Shuli on the Gu Kailai case. It's a pretty bold piece, proclaiming as it does that the system, functioning normally, would have let her get away with it: "If it weren't for Wang Lijun's stay in the U.S. consulate, there would not be any public information about it and no justice for the dead. The criminal would still be at large, holding an untarnished reputation as a high-powered lawyer and spouse of a senior official."

Hu also points out the irony of all this taking place amid a supposed "law and order" crackdown on organized crime: "All this happened in Chongqing, where a campaign against the local mafia was touted as a major achievement in governance. It also happened in China, a country in which the constitution upholds the rule of law. What Bogu and her associates have proved is that they were the strongest criminal gang."

Why Bo Xilai ever was, and remains, an idol of the new left is beyond me.

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