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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pu Zhiqiang on Ai Weiwei's tax case

Noted lawyer Pu Zhiqiang represents the Beijing Fake Cultural Development Company (北京发课文化发展有限公司) in its tax case. The government claims that Fake has tax problems and that Ai Weiwei is responsible for them. Here is Pu's analysis of the situation, in Chinese and (courtesy of the Siweiluozi blog) English. It's useful reading for those who still manage to believe that this is just a tax case.

Incidentally, "Fake" is just the romanization of the characters in the name; possibly it is a cute pun on the English word "fake".

NOVEMBER 21 UPDATE: A friend informs me that he has it on good authority that the characters 发课 (fa ke) are actually a pun on a four-letter English expletive. As this is a family blog, I will say no more.

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