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Friday, July 22, 2011

Who owns the Chinese internet: follow-up

Earlier this month I posted on the subject of ownership of the Chinese internet; a slightly shortened version has now been published in English and in Chinese on the Caixin Online web site. I'm particularly happy to see it in Chinese and am wondering what kind of comments, if any, it will generate. The English version went up with no substantive changes; the only substantive change I was asked to make in the Chinese version was not to directly name the source of the article i was criticizing (i.e., the Central Party School's Study Times). But I was still able to keep the link to the article, so it doesn't make much difference.

JULY 25 FOLLOW-UP: Just noticed one of the comments on the Caixin Online web site: "如果外资控制能够做到不删贴,保持中立,保持底线,那我愿意所以的企业都让外资控制" (If control by foreign capital means no deleted posts, neutrality, and an adherence to basic standards [this is how I translate what literally means "maintains a bottom line"], then I hope all enterprises can be controlled by foreign capital).

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