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Thursday, November 19, 2009

US-China joint statement calls for "legal experts dialogue"

The US-China Joint Statement released on Nov. 17th contains the following language (emphasis added):

The United States and China underlined that each country and its people have the right to choose their own path, and all countries should respect each other’s choice of a development model. Both sides recognized that the United States and China have differences on the issue of human rights. Addressing these differences in the spirit of equality and mutual respect, as well as promoting and protecting human rights consistent with international human rights instruments, the two sides agreed to hold the next round of the official human rights dialogue in Washington D.C. by the end of February 2010. The United States and China agreed that promoting cooperation in the field of law and exchanges on the rule of law serves the interests and needs of the citizens and governments of both countries. The United States and China decided to convene the U.S.-China Legal Experts Dialogue at an early date

Here's some background from the Dui Hua Foundation on what the Legal Experts Dialogue is all about.

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