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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Statement of support for Xu Zhiyong and the Open Constitution Initiative

Here's a statement in support of OCI and Xu Zhiyong, in English and Chinese, from Prof. Paul Gewirtz of Yale Law School, the director of Yale's China Law Center:

I am very concerned to learn that the Open Constitution Initiative (OCI, also known as Gongmeng) has been ordered closed by Beijing’s Civil Affairs Bureau and has been preliminarily assessed punitive tax-related fines.

OCI and its founder and director Professor Xu Zhiyong, a PhD graduate of Peking University Law School, have worked with Yale Law School’s China Law Center (CLC) on a continuing basis for several years.  Yale’s CLC undertakes cooperative research and exchanges with a wide variety of institutions in China, including many Chinese government entities, leading law schools, scholars, and lawyers.  Our cooperative research and exchanges with OCI have focused on legal issues of importance in both China and the United States, and we have found OCI’s work to be of high caliber and professionalism.  We hope that its valuable work can continue.  We also hope that the relevant Chinese authorities will reconsider these penalties and decisions once they have obtained additional information from OCI at the requested hearings.

Professor Paul Gewirtz
Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law, and
Director, The China Law Center
Yale Law School
July 18, 2009

我十分关注公盟(英文名称Open Constitution Initiative)被北京民政局勒令关闭,并初步处以税务罚款一事。

多年以来,公盟与它的法定代表人许志永博士(北京大学法学院博士)与耶鲁大学法学院中国法律中心有着长期连续的合作。耶鲁中国法律中心与中国的各个团体在多个研究课题上有广泛的合作和交流,其中包括许多中国政府部门、一流的法学院、法学学者和律师。我们与公盟的研究合作和交流着眼于中美两国重要的法律问题。我们一直以来都认为公盟的研究成果是高质量和专业的。 我们期待公盟能够继续开展它的宝贵工作。 我们也希望中国相关部门能够在公盟所申请的听证会中获得更多的信息,并重新考虑初步处以罚款、勒令关闭等决定。


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