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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jerome Cohen calls on Taiwanese lawyers to speak out

With the author's permission, I'm attaching here a recent op-ed by Jerome Cohen calling on Taiwanese lawyers to show the same courage exhibited by several admirable PRC lawyers (in much riskier circumstances) and to speak out against abuses and in favor of reforms in the Taiwanese legal system.

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I'm surprised that the blog has not commented on the trial of the Deng Yujiao case so far. Cohen the other day commented in WSJ that the Chinese court's populism is hurting the rule of law in China, which is probably true in the Deng Yujiao case as well. Chinese internet opinions hold that the two males in the Deng Yujiao attempted rape and so Deng has unlimited discretion in self-defense. Although what the two guys did was clearly filthy and illegal, from what we know about the facts of the case I'm not sure if their behavior constituted "rape". What's your take on the case?

Posted by: rule of law | Jun 20, 2009 5:55:30 PM

The other day I asked if the owner of this blog had any comments on the result of the Deng Yujiao case, particularly whether the two males involved committed "attempted rape", as the internet opinion in China holds, and whether Deng Yujiao should be cleared of any criminal charges. I'm dissapointed that not only did this blog not comment on the most important legal case in China now, but did not post my question.

RESPONSE: Sorry, the writer of this blog has lots to do besides writing this blog! I just saw your previous question now and posted it (before seeing this complaint, in fact).

Posted by: anonymous | Jun 22, 2009 4:38:44 PM

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