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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Charter 08: background and links


A large group of intellectuals and others has issued a document entitled "Charter 08" (零八宪章). The document's name is a deliberate reference to "Charter 77", an association dedicated to human rights whose founding was announced in a January, 1977 manifesto signed by Czechoslovakian dissidents such as Vaclav Havel and Pavel Kohout. Here are the first two paragraphs of the story in Time Magazine:

A group of prominent Chinese scholars, lawyers and former officials issued a manifesto this week calling on the Communist Party to back wide-ranging political reforms including direct elections, a separation of powers and the rehabilitation of people persecuted under authoritarian rule.

"The Chinese people, who have endured human-rights disasters and uncountable struggles across these same years, now include many who see clearly that freedom, equality and human rights are universal values of humankind and that democracy and constitutional government are the fundamental framework for protecting these values," states Charter 08, a 4,000-word document that was posted on a U.S.-based, Chinese-language website on Dec. 9.

Here are some other links:

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thank you for making this concise list of links, and in both English and original Chinese. I encourage everyone and anyone to forward this blog's URL to those interested.

Posted by: Les Connally | Feb 3, 2009 9:33:02 AM

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