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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Death by lethal injection in China


Here's a report from the Beijing News (新京报) on the switch over to death by lethal injection in China. (The traditional technique has been a bullet in the back of the head.) interesting photographs and quotations. Thanks to Otto Malmgren for the pointer.

Here are two good web sites for information on lethal injection in the US (I suspect anti-death-penalty in orientation), with lots of good links further sources:

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It is worth noting that the switch to lethal injection was not motivated by any humane sensibilities - it was out of fear of AIDS that Chinese executioners decided it would be best to move from messy gunshot executions to "cleaner" injections.
However, in the case of my father-in-law, Wo Weihan, who was executed November 29, 2008 foralleged espionage, the traditional method of gunshot to the head was used. Our family was then contacted 5 days later by a letter delivered via courier that we could pick up the ashes. His alleged accomplice, Guo Wanjun, was denied the right of last visitation, despite his son's repeated requests.

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