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Friday, June 8, 2007

June 4th irony

64_ad So successful has the government been at eradicating any memory of June 4th that someone was able to slip a small ad into the Chengdu Evening News (成都晚报) saying, "A salute to the strong mothers of the victims of June 4th" (向坚强的64遇难者母亲致敬!). (It's quite inconspicuous; click on the thumbnail for a full-size photo and look for it on the right hand side, about two thirds of the way down.) Apparently the person who took the ad didn't know the significance of "64"; the person who placed it apparently said it was connected with some mine disaster.

The deputy editor of the Chengdu Evening News and two others have been reported fired. Here's a South China Morning Post article (registration required) on the affair.

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