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Friday, April 28, 2006

Yahoo! cited yet again in judgment against Internet dissident

The text of the 2003 judgment of the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court against Wang Xiaoning has recently come to light. To quote from the Human Rights in China press release:

Among the evidence against Wang cited in the judgment is information provided by Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. stating that Wang’s “aaabbbccc“ Yahoo! Group was set up using the mainland China-based email address Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. also confirmed that the email address, through which Wang sent messages to the Group, was a mainland China-based account. The judgment does not indicate whether Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. or Yahoo! China (which is now operated by mainland-based provided specific information regarding Wang’s identity.

For the text of the judgment (supplied by HRIC), click here.

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