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Saturday, April 15, 2006

China's first Trade Policy Review at the WTO

China's first Trade Policy Review (in MS Word format) is now available for downloading from the WTO web site. Thanks to Bill Abnett for the tip and for the following instructions:

1) Go to

2) Go to "Trade Topics" at top of page.  When the menu appears, select the last item (Trade Policy Reviews).

3) Go to "The Reviews" (about a third of the way down the page), and click on "By Country."

4) Check all five boxes, and select "China" in the pull-down menu. Click on "search."

5) Expand the search results window to see everything. Choose the compression format: "exe" or "zip."

6) Check the documents you want and the preferred language (E = English; F = French; S = Spanish), and then click on "download."

7) Your browser will download the files in the "downloads" folder you have selected for your browser. Go to this folder and expand/decompress the "zip" or "exe" file. You will be prompted for the specific folder to which you would like your downloaded files decompressed.  REMEMBER the name of this folder - this is basic computer procedure, and WTO filenames have non-user friendly filenames. You might want to "Preview HTML" in your search results window, before you download.

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