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Friday, February 10, 2006

What do China's Internet police do all day?

Ipolice_3Now we know: a Chinese reporter recently accompanied them on their virtual rounds, and the report has been translated by the EastSouthWestNorth Web site. Here's the story: Chinese | English. Thanks to the China Digital Times for the links.

Incidentally, Internet users in Shenzhen certainly won't forget that their usage is being monitored. According to last month's Beijing Youth Daily, when Shenzhen users visit the main portals of that city, they will see two cartoon police images floating on their screens to remind them to behave themselves. Below are Jingjing and Chacha (from "jingcha", the Chinese word for police). Was intimidation ever so cute? For a full report, see the China Digital Times story.

Jingjing Chacha

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