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Monday, January 16, 2006

Authoritative web sources for Chinese law

A few days ago I posted an alert about an inaccurate version of the Securities Law that was available on the web. This prompted a very helpful email from Simon Zhang that I thought was too good to be buried in a comment to the above posting (that nobody would see). With his permission (and with thanks), I post here a slightly edited version of his email.

When I post URLs for Chinese laws (in the strict sense, i.e., those promulgated by NPC and NPCSC), I use the NPC's official website: All laws and other documents issued by the NPC and the NPCSC are accessible from that webpage. The "法律文件" page contains a "folder tree" by category. If it's difficult to determine under which specific sub-category a piece of law is put, you can also use 按年度检索.

There is indeed one advantage of this NPC website: for many laws, at the bottom of the text page, you can find links to other legislative history materials which were published in the NPCSC Gazette.

In addition, there is also a page where you can see selectively published NPCSC members' comments on law drafting sessions. Such material is not included in the NPCSC Gazette.

For the NPC home page, click here.

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