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Friday, December 2, 2005

Illinois in China

Here's the latest from the Dec. 2005-Jan. 2006 Dean's newsletter at the University of Illinois College of Law:

Seven College of Law faculty members will travel to Guangzhou, China from December 3-11 to attend a conference entitled "The Role of Law in Economic Development -- Implications for China in the World," co-sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Law and the Law Faculty of Sun Yat-sen University. Those attending the conference include Professors William Davey, Tom Ginsburg, Jay Kesan, Larry Ribstein, Larry Solum, Charles Tabb, and Cynthia Williams. The relationship between law and economic development has been one of the central concerns of modern social theory and legal scholarship, and is of increasing importance to policy-makers in national governments and multilateral development institutions. It is also a critical issue for China's future, as China seeks continued economic growth while assigning a greater role to law and the legal system in underpinning that growth. The conference is being held as part of Sun Yat Sen University's celebration of the centennial of legal studies in Guangdong.

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