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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

New book: Mark Williams, Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Mark Williams of Hong Kong Polytechnic University has written the above book, which will be available from Cambridge University Press in September. The publisher's blurb states in part:

This book is the only comprehensive guide to the competition regimes of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chinese developments are placed in the context of the adoption of competition regimes by developing and transitional states world-wide and also in relation to the influence of trans-national organisations on transitional states to adopt market-based economic strategies. The book adopts an inter-disciplinary approach considering the political, economic and legal issues relevant to competition policy adoption. The paradoxical phenomenon of Communist mainland China seeking to adopt a pro-competition law, whilst capitalist Hong Kong refuses to do so, is explained and contrasted with the successful Taiwanese adoption of a competition regime over a decade ago. The underlying economic and political forces that have shaped this unusual matrix are discussed and analysed with a theoretical explanation offered for the existing state of affairs.

For more information, see the publisher's website here.

If readers would care to write a mini-review, this post is open to comments.

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