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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Arbitration: New CIETAC rules

CIETAC has issued new rules governing arbitration; they are available at this URL:

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Celebrity endorsements curbed in Beijing

On May 28, 2005, the Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce announced that as part of its campaign against false advertising, it would deem as false advertising celebrity endorsements in which celebrities appeared in the capacity of consumers, ailment sufferers, specialists, etc. Thus, Liu Jialing can no longer announce that her use of SK-II skin-tightening anti-wrinkle cream reduced her wrinkles by 47% in a mere 28 days and made her look 12 years younger.

An interesting question is the degree to which a Beijing municipal government body can dictate rules for what is often a national advertising campaign that appears in many media. Apparently the object of the rule will be advertising agencies, advertisers, and media, but not the celebrities themselves. Will it apply only to those that are located in Beijing?

A report is appended below.










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Monday, May 30, 2005

Antimonopoly Law: ABA Comments on Draft

The ABA's May 19, 2005 comments on the most recent draft of China's Antimonopoly Law can be found here:

The comments are quite detailed and include a Chinese translation of the executive summary as well as appendices. The appendices include the APA's July 15, 2003 comments on the draft Antimonopoly Law at that time.

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The Chinalaw listserv

Chinalaw is a listserv I maintain that is dedicated to the discussion of issues of Chinese law -- primarily the law of the People's Republic of China, but from time to time there is discussion of other related subjects such as Chinese legal history or the law of Taiwan or Hong Kong.

It is an unmoderated discussion list, meaning that members are asked to observe self-discipline and keep on topic.

To subscribe, please go to and follow the instructions there. Special note to those in the PRC: you will probably be unable to access this site, since the George Washington University website is blocked (don't ask me why) by the Chinese authorities. Please email me with your name and email address if you wish to subscribe. Unless you cannot access the above website, please do not ask me to subscribe you.

I maintain a website for the listserv; the alias for the URL is At present this alias just points you to the above website, but shortly I will have a different website up.

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Launch of China Law Prof Blog

Welcome to the China Law Prof Blog.

The primary focus of this blog will be the legal system of the People's Republic of China, although information relevant to Chinese legal history and other jurisdictions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong will not be excluded if it might be of interest to readers.

The sidebar on the left will, over the course of time, be filled out to include resources (or links to resources) such as research guides, databases, lists of faculty and Chinese law courses, and internship and employment opportunities. I hope to make this blog of use to academics, professionals, and students alike. I hope to develop this site as a kind of permanent library for the various matters discussed on the Chinalaw listserv (, since it offers more technical support.

I welcome any suggestions for content and format; please email me at the address on the left sidebar.

Best wishes,

Donald Clarke

George Washington University Law School

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