Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We had a corporate law conference!

No, not that conference, although I suppose that one's nice too.  

In (very) loose association with that other conference, Tulane hosted a corporate academic conference, made possible by the generous donation of one of our alums, Gordon Gamm, and his wife Grace.

The academic conference, which took place on Saturday, April 1 immediately following the Tulane Corporate Law Institute, was great fun, and allowed me to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.  It was structured on the theme of Navigating Federalism in Corporate and Securities Law, and featured presentations by 11 corporate and securities scholars (including me!).  

Discussion ranged from how to encourage retail shareholders to exercise their corporate voting rights to whether to redesign the internal affairs doctrine to controlling corporate political spending to issues of SEC regulatory capture and the intensity of its enforcement efforts to - of course - how, and even whether, we should distinguish corporate law from securities law.  Most of the papers were in draft form and are not yet publicly available, but a few are up, including Ed Rock's and Daniel Rubenfeld's Defusing the Antitrust Threat to Institutional Involvement in Corporate Governance, Robert Jackson's, Robert Bishop's, and Joshua's Mitts's Activist Directors and Information Leakage, J.W. Verret's Uber-Ized Corporate Law, and my own Reviving Reliance.  

It was genuinely a lively and productive day, capped with a (naturally - this is New Orleans) mouthwatering dinner at Emeril's Delmonico.

I am so grateful to everyone for making it such a special event.  And fingers crossed, we'll be able to host a similar conference next year, also timed to follow the Corporate Law Institute.  With any luck, it can become a regular annual event. 

The full program is here.

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