Friday, March 21, 2014

Corporate Religious Exemptions & Personal Individual Disclosures

My op-ed on the Hobby Lobby case, A Bad Investment: Recognizing Religous Rights of Corporations, is available on Huffington Post. 

The Hobby Lobby arguments are couched in terms of religious freedom, but it is hard to see the net gain for liberties when such a rule could require religious disclosures and could lead to restricting investments to religiously like-minded investors. Elevating private religious beliefs to a matter of market importance threatens to chill the marketplace and erodes the long-respected boundaries between private religious beliefs, the realm of the state and the role of the marketplace.

I will be attending the Hobby Lobby oral arguments at the Supreme Court.  I will be posting updates and analysis here and at twitter (@Anne_M_Tucker) on March 25th (day of argument) and the 26th.

-Anne Tucker

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