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Business Law Professors on Twitter

Bridget Crawford (Pace Law) authored this helpful Census of Law Professors on Twitter post [link updated for 2015 version] on the Faculty Lounge last year, but I thought it might be nice to have a subject matter list (and include the business school legal studies professors, now that I am in a business school).  Like Stefan, I mostly tweet about business law topics, though I could not resist a few tweets about Belmont's exciting win over UNC in basketball yesterday

For this list, I used a relatively broad definition of “business law” and included professors who focus on at least one of the following areas: banking, bankruptcy, business associations, contracts, corporate governance, M&A, law & economics, securities regulation, tax, UCC, and white collar crime.  I am sure I left many people out.  Feel free to contact me with additions or add others in the comments.  I may update this list from time to time.

Updated 3/20/15

Robert Anderson (Pepperdine Law) – @WITNESSETHBlog

Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA Law) – @ProfBainbridge

Mehrsa Baradaran (UGA Law) – @MehrsaBaradaran

Stephanie Ben-Ishai (Osgoode Law) – @SBIprof

Perry Binder (Georgia State Business) – @Perry_Binder

Cass Brewer (Georgia State Law) – @brewer_cass

Matt Bruckner (Howard Law) – @Prof_Bruckner

Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago Law) – @smbrnsn

Seletha Butler (Georgia Tech Business) – @ProfSButler

Paul Caron (Pepperdine Law) – ‏@SoCalTaxProf

Eric Chaffee (Toledo Law) – @EricChaffee

Kabrina Chang (Boston University Business) – @ProfessorChang

John Coates (Harvard Law) – @jciv

James Coleman (Calgary Law & Business) – @energylawprof

Bridget J. Crawford (Pace Law) – @ProfBCrawford

Lawrence Cunningham (George Washington Law) – @CunninghamProf

Laura Dove (Troy Business) – @LauraRDove

Marc Edelman (CUNY-Baruch College Business) – @MarcEdelman

Joshua Fershee (West Virginia Law) – @jfershee

Victor Fleischer (San Diego Law) – @vicfleischer

Kent Greenfield (Boston College Law) – @Kentgreenfield1

Nathaniel Grow (UGA Business) – @NathanielGrow

Enrique Guerra-Pujol (UCF Business) – @lawscholar

Lori Harris-Ransom (Caldwell Business) – @HarrisRansom

Laura Pincus Hartman (DePaul Business) – @LauraHartman

Joan Heminway (Tennessee Law) – @VolunteerTwit

Peter Henning (Wayne State Law) – @peterjhenning

David Hoffman (Temple Law) – @HoffProf

Gus Hurwitz (Nebraska Law) – @GusHurwitz

Dalie Jimenez (UConn Law) – @daliejimenez

Mike Koehler (Southern Illinois Law) – @fcpaprofessor 

Kim Krawiec (Duke Law) – @KimKrawiec

Kevin Lee (Campbell Law) – @Kleee

Douglas Levene (Peking Law) – @DouglasLevene

Mark Loewenstein ‏ (Colorado Law) – @mjloewenstein

Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame Law) – @NDNonprofitProf

Meredith R. Miller (Touro Law) – @Prof_Miller

Haskell Murray (Belmont Business) – @HaskellMurray

Marcia Narine (St. Thomas-FL Law) – @mlnarine

Nathan Oman (William & Mary Law) – @nate_oman

David O'Rozco (Florida State Business) – @ProfessorOrozco

Stefan Padfield (Akron Law) – @ProfPadfield

Marisa Pagnattaro (UGA Business) – @pagnattaro

Shawn Pelsinger (NYU Law, Fellow) – @pelsinger

Joshua E. Perry (Indiana Business) – @ProfJoshPerry

Alicia Plerhoples (Georgetown Law) – @aplerhoples

Ellen Podgor (Stetson Law) – @whitecollarprof

Scott Pryor (Regent Law) – @profpryor

Brian JM Quinn (Boston College Law) – @bjmquinn

Geoffrey Rapp (Toledo Law) – @ProfessorRapp

Darren Rosenblum (Pace Law) – @DarrenRosenblum

Len Rotman (Dalhousie Law) – @ProfessorRotman

Susan Samuelson (Boston University Business) – @bizlawupdate

Tim Samples (Georgia Business) – @TimRSamples

Victoria Schwartz (Pepperdine Law) – @ProfVSchwartz

Inara Scott (Oregon State Business) – @NewEnergyProf

Greg Shill (NYU Law, Fellow) – @greg_shill

Omari Simmons (Wake Forest Law) – @profosimmons

Gordon Smith (BYU Law) – @professor_smith

Adam J. Sulkowski (UMass-Dartmouth Business) – @adam_sulkowski

Steven Davidoff Solomon (UC-Berkeley Law) – @StevenDavidoff 

Jennifer Taub (Vermont Law) – @jentaub

Anne Tucker (Georgia State Law) – @Anne_M_Tucker

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You may add me to updated the Twitter list as well: Enrique Guerra-Pujol a/k/a "prior probability" (University of Central Florida) - @lawscholar

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You can also add me: Douglas Levene (Peking University School of Transnational Law) - @DouglasLevene

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