Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What Corporations and Government Have In Common: People

I gave a talk today about sustainable development, where I talked about the challenges of trying to balance resource development with the need to preserve the environment and deal with the social issues that come from increased activity. 

One thing came to mind: People matter.  Whether you work for EQT or the EPA, you're a person who has a job to do, which can have beneficial outcomes.   When we discuss sustainable development, we also need to recognize the need for sustainable conversation. Development doesn't happen without conversation, which can lead to compromise, which can lead to progress.  

Governments and corporations are both made up of people.  Isolating either governments or corporations as inherently evil entities is missing the point.  We can disagree about the goals of either, but we need to be more careful about who we vilify.  Negotiations don't happen against governments or corporations, they happen with people in governments or in corporations.  And we need to remember that.


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