Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do North Dakota's Corporations Exist if the State Doesn't Exist?

Interesting news today that North Dakota may not actually be a proper state.  It seems that the state's constitution lacks a requirement that the state's executive officers uphold the U.S. Constitution, thus violating Article VI.  

If the state is not really a state, then would that mean that corporations under "state" law are not really formed either? Would the fictional corporate person suddenly become a fictional, fictional person? Heady stuff.  

Add to this the fact that most of the state is violating North Dakota law by reporting that the flooding in Minot (the western part of the state) is caused by the Souris River, using the French (and Canadian) name, rather than the English (and state-mandated) name, the Mouse River.

Even if most people are getting name of the river that is causing the flooding wrong, the flooding is very, very real. Please help if you can. Here are a couple places: and


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