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September 2, 2011

Owner of Waikiki Edition hotel files Ch. 11 bankruptcy

"The owner of The Waikiki Edition Hotel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday
as executives from Bethesda-based Marriott International Inc. waited to take
back management of the hotel.
M Waikiki LLC said the filing would allow the company, which is controlled by
California-based eRealty Fund LLC, to protect its investment in the 353-room hotel,
which was rebranded The Modern Honolulu over the weekend."

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September 1, 2011

Solyndra Shuts Down, Files for Bankruptcy

"An alternative energy company in Alameda County that was paid a visit last year by President Obama is closing up shop.

Solyndra is shutting down its Fremont operation and is planning to file for bankruptcy, according to a statement from the company." 

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August 29, 2011

Pets and Chapter 13

Below are two comments posted on a Bankruptcy Law Listserve:

-Pets? Anyone got some brilliant way to use pet and veterinary expenses to lower
disposable monthly income in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

-See if you can get a doctor's prescription as it lowers blood pressure to have
companion animal? Or have a mental health professional state that they will commit
suicide if they don't have companion animals? Then it would be a medical / health
care expense. Of course if there's nothing like that and it's just a pet, if the
person is unmarried and alone there is some case law that for a retired person
living alone with a pet, it's not an excessive expense. Maybe you can get one of
the humane associations to write an amicus brief!

I was surprised by the comments -- we have gotten Chapter 13 plans confirmed with a pet/vet expense without a problem.

We have two cases pending that list a pet/vet expense that is on the higher side, elderly and sick pets. If the Debtors must live off the budget on Schedule J for the next 5 years how could an attorney NOT budget a client's true expenses, including those that are pet related? Are Debtors supposed to give away or euthanize their pets when filing Chapter 13?

We will keep you updated about the two cases.

-Roksana D. Moradi, Esq.

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