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December 12, 2011

New Debate Published in the Texas Law Review

Dear Mr. Hayes:

You may be interested in a new debate published today in the Texas Law Review and its online companion publication, See Also, concerning whether Chapter 13 is merely a "pretend solution" warranting wholesale reform.  Professor Katherine Porter takes that position in a new article published in the Texas Law Review, and Chapter 13 Trustee Henry E. Hildebrand, III, and Professor William C. Whitford (Wisconsin).  Mr. Hildebrand argues that Professor Porter's position is overstated and can better be explained by the drafting of unrealistic repayment plans, among other things.  Professor Whitford's Response agrees with the premise of a fatally flawed system but proposes a near-term solution that would mitigate the effect of local legal culture on Chapter 13 decisions.  Their articles can be accessed at http://www.texaslrev.com/issues/vol/90/issue/1/porter (with the Whitford and Hildebrand responses available on the right-hand side of the page).

Today, See Also becomes the first online companion publication of a law review to publish responses with the corresponding print volume.  Other responses in this issue of See Also include, among others:

·      A review from a leading expert in forensic science concerning a student proposal for state oversight of forensic science laboratories.

·      A response from the Co-Reporters of Restatement (Third) of Torts concerning the application of indivisible injury doctrine.

The full issue of See Also is available at http://www.texaslrev.com/seealso?volume=90&issue=1 (right-hand side).

The Texas Law Review, is an independent operation, edited and published entirely by students of the University of Texas School of Law.  The Texas Law Review was founded by Professor Leon Green in 1922 and published its first issue that year.  The Texas Law Review now publishes seven issues annually and is currently publishing its 90th volume. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We hope that this content is of interest to your readers.

Best wishes,


Stephen Fraser
Online Content Editor
Texas Law Review, Vol. 90
(609) 240-7099

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