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September 27, 2011

Dodgers Fans to McCourt: Show Us the Money In Bankruptcy Court!!

"Los Angeles Dodgers season ticket holders want to make sure Frank McCourt isn't screwing them over in the team's bankruptcy proceedings -- and they've filed a motion to make sure they're protected.

Attorneys representing a handful of season ticket holders filed docs with the bankruptcy court in Delaware ...seeking to establish a formal committee of more than 17,000 season ticket holders.

According to the docs, the committee's goal is to make sure Dodger funds are going to what they consider the most important part of the 'fan experience' -- such as acquiring new players, meeting payroll, renovating the stadium, and operating concessions.

Interestingly, the motion makes no mention of stadium security -- which is what everyone's been talking about since the Opening Day beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow."

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