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April 13, 2011

Court Re-Seals Explosive David Bergstein Report After Details Made Public

"The federal bankruptcy court judge overseeing the saga of troubled film executive David Bergstein has re-sealed an explosive report by a court-appointed trustee about Bergstein’s financial dealings that was made public on Monday—but not before the report, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, revealed what the trustee describes as a mass scheme of corruption, incompetence, perjury and a conscious effort to mislead the court.

Ronald Durkin, a forensic accountant and former FBI agent who for the past year has been serving as a court-appointed trustee in the Bergstein matter, issued a nearly 400-page report on April 5 detailing the affairs of Bergstein and his associate Ronald Tutor in the movie business. The report grew out of a rare involuntary bankruptcy case.
On Monday presiding judge Barry Russell allowed the report to be unsealed. An attorney for Bergstein, his wife and one of his companies then filed an emergency appeal with the court to try and overturn the ruling on the report, which Bergstein’s attorney claims was to remain private. "
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