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October 14, 2010

Public Counsel looking for Volunteers for Reaffs

From Public Counsel:

Dear Volunteers:

I am writing to invite you to participate in one of Public Counsel’s Los Angeles Reaffirmation Clinics in the month of October. At our clinic, you will have the opportunity to provide brief counseling to
pro se debtors prior to their reaffirmation hearings.

As many of you know, the Los Angeles Division of the Bankruptcy Court has experienced a significant increase in the filing of chapter 7 cases, many of which involve reaffirmation hearings. To facilitate the timely hearing of reaffirmation motions, the Court has scheduled 2-3 pro se reaffirmation calendars for each remaining month of 2010. Public Counsel is coordinating with the Court to provide volunteer attorneys at each of these additional pro se reaffirmation calendars. We would greatly appreciate it if you could join us to volunteer at one or more of the upcoming October reaffirmation dates:

• October 20, 2010: counseling begins at 8:30 AM, room 1568, Judge Robles
• October 20, 2010: counseling begins at 10:30 AM, room 1568, Judge Robles
• October 20, 2010: counseling begins at 12:30 PM, room 1345, Judge Donovan
• October 27, 2010: counseling begins at 8:30 AM, room 1575, Judge Kaufman

Please send me an email to indicate which reaffirmation dates you are able to attend.
Many of you have participated in our reaffirmation clinics in the past, and others may be new to the reaffirmation clinic. If you have not participated before, please be assured that we will be happy to provide training. The time commitment for this volunteer opportunity is approximately 2 hours.

At this time of surging bankruptcy filings, the Court is particularly appreciative of the time and expertise contributed by our volunteers. To all of our past and future reaffirmation volunteers, please accept our sincere thanks, and we hope to see you soon.
With warmest regards,

Marisa H. Hawkins
Senior Staff Attorney, Public Counsel
Debtor Assistance Project & Consumer Law Project
[email protected]

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Posted by: Tims Smith | Oct 15, 2010 12:20:26 AM

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Posted by: Jeffgriffin | Oct 28, 2010 10:47:03 PM

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