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June 12, 2010

Circuit Court of Appeals Cases from Last Week

U.S. Supreme Court, June 07, 2010
Hamilton v. Lanning, --- U.S. ---- (2010)(Supreme Court approves "forward looking approach" for computing chapter 13 plans by above-median debtors, i.e. the court may account for changes in the debtor’s income or expenses that are known or virtually certain at the time of confirmation)

9th Circuit Court of Appeals, June 09, 2010
In re Southern Cal. Sunbelt Developers, --- F.3d --- (9th Cir 2010)( 1) bankruptcy court properly concluded that 11 U.S.C. section 303(i) permitted an award of attorney's fees for a section 303 action as a whole, including fees incurred to litigate claims for fees and damages under section 303(i)(1) and (2); 2) section 303(i) permitted an award of punitive damages under section 303(i)(2)(B) in the absence of an award of actual damages under section 303(i)(2)(A); and 3) the bankruptcy court properly held two individual appellants jointly and severally liable for the costs and attorney's fees the debtors incurred in obtaining dismissal of the involuntary petitions. However, the judgment is reversed in part where the bankruptcy court erred by holding the individual appellants liable for the debtors' costs and fees incurred! on the section 303(i) motions themselves)

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