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January 20, 2010

Mesereau Legal Clinic

Hello Students & Fellow Alums

I am a 2003 UWLA graduate and the Executive Director for the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic. The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic is a subsidary of the Mesereau Community Legal Foundation, a CA corporation.

I am extending to all students and alum the opportunity to come out and share your legal expertise, brush up on client intake or for students to obtain the opportunity to interview clients in all areas of law.

As most may know, Thomas Mesereau was Michael Jackson and Robert Blake's attorney.  However, Mr. Mesereau spends most of his time at this clinic or traveling to Alabama to represent capital offense clients "pro-bono".

Tom is very passionate about his work with the disenfranchised, working poor and the like that cannot afford top notch legal representation. He is always eager to share his knowledge with students and attorneys willing to assist in the clinic.

Our clinic offers seminars and discussions on various legal & relevant topics. For instance, this past week we had Brian T. Dunn of the Cochran firm provide a discussion on "Excessive Force Abuse Lawsuits against Police Departments."

Upcoming will be more discussions by our Judge series such as Judge Groman speaking on Dependency & Delinquency, Judge Escobedo speaking on How to present your case in court" then Judge Doyle on criminal actions. These are just a few areas that we will be covering this year in our clinics.

We also provide Criminal Record Cleaning:"Expungement" where we assist those in need of clearing their criminal record in order to get jobs and become a productive citizen. We have and will continue to provide MCLE throughout the year in various substantive areas of law to licensed attorneys.

So why don't you check out our website at www.mesereaufreelegalclinic.com which will have our various clinic dates and feel free to email me through the clinic (email address below).

If you are available come on out this Saturday January 23, 2010 otherwise we will be open again on the 30th.

Again, I invite each of you to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Best to All

Sophia E. Harris, J.D.
Executive Director
Mesereau Free Legal Clinic
[email protected]
8764 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90003|
(323) 751-2LAW (529)*


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