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December 8, 2009

Prof. Mark Scarberry Article on Loan Mods

An email from Mark:

In case list members might be interested, let me say that I've just posted the following forthcoming article on SSRN:
A Critique of Congressional Proposals To Permit Modification of Home Mortgages in Chapter 13.
You can read the abstract and download the full text at http://ssrn.com/abstract=1520794. There may yet be a few edits, but it is in essentially final form.
The article follows up on my December 2007 congressional testimony, on the debate or conversation on mortgage modification at a January 2009 AALS program, and on the presentation I gave as part of the Pepperdine Law Review symposium on the mortgage crisis in April 2009, with some of you in attendance. The article will be published soon as part of the Pepperdine Law Review symposium edition.
As anyone who attended the AALS presentation or the Pepperdine symposium would expect, the article is sharply critical of the conclusions Georgetown Law Prof. Adam Levitin draws from his empirical studies. 
Best wishes,
Mark Scarberry

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