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December 9, 2009

New SCOTUS Wiki Editor

I have been invited by Tom Goldstein's team at SCOTUSBlog.com to be the SCOTUS Wiki Editor for the case of Hamilton, Chapter 13 Trustee v. Lanning.  My mission is set forth by Manager Erin Miller:

You will be responsible for all the entries for the Lanning page that I initially listed: the three articles of roughly 800 words each (the argument preview, oral argument recap, and opinion analysis) and links to news/blog coverage.  It would also be great if you could link to any new amicus briefs that are posted in the case (we will post all the merits briets by the parties as they come in).
You and your blog will be listed as the caretakers of the Lanning page.  In addition, we will post the articles that you produce on the blog as well as the Wiki, if you would like.  If that interests you--we generally aim for previews to go up on the blog two days before an argument, and recaps and analysis to go up within two days of the event (the sooner the better).  Our editor Amy Howe reviews everything that goes up on the blog, so we would ask you to submit a draft a few days before (this is mostly a formality).

I consider this a serious honor and am up to the task. 

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