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November 9, 2009

Central District of California Filings Break 10,000 in October, 2009

From Prof. Lawless' data base, the Bankruptcy Data Project:

Filings by chapter in the Central District of California in October, 2009:


ch 7; 7839

ch 11; 107

ch 13; 2366

total; 10314


This compares to 9,089 total in September, 9,740 in August, and 9,886 filings in July, 9,578 in June, 8,965 in May, 8,398 in April, 8,518 in March, 6,967 in February and 5,999 in January. 

Chapter 13s were 2,366 in October, 2,025, in September, 2,180 in August, 2,053 in July, 2,291 in June, 1,988 in May.  Chapter 13 trustees received 473 new petitions each in October.

Total Central District filings in October by the way were more than double the entire state of New York,  10,314 to 5,117 and roughly double the entire state of Texas, 10,314 to 5,274.  So about the same as the Texas and New York combined.   

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Are parties who are not on the EMNL or the MNL listed in part II of the Notice of Entered Order, or Part III?

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