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September 13, 2009

Review of My Book

Book Review by Christine Wilton

I have been reading everything bankruptcy related lately.  A few weeks ago, M. Jonathan Hayes sent us an email on our listserv for the Central District Consumber Bankrutpcy Attorneys Association, CDCBAA for short, that he had just published a new book entitled, A Summary of Bankruptcy Law.  I am one of those folks who likes summaries or digest versions of anything that cuts to the point and gives me just the meat, hold the potatoes and vegetables.

The section on chapter 7 bankruptcies takes up a major portion of the summary material.  I would have liked more information regarding chapter 13 processes, but it is a summary, so I let that go.  The material is concise and to the point.  It's an easy read and looks similar to a top tier law student's outline of a subject.  Not that I was a top tier law student, but I've obtained outlines from a few.  Overall, the book holds up to its title as a summary and I would add, a thorough summary at that.

Like kicking the tires on a car you're thinking about buying, I took the book's website citations and case citations for a spin.  The book provides valuable tools, advice on practice materials and case citations that I am still looking up.  I reccommend this book to the new practioner and law student.  Since the book was written by a California attorney,  it is well suited for the California practitioner and more specifically, those of us practicing in the Central District.  I even printed a copy of Judge Randall Newsome's Research Notebook and if I ever get a chance to meet the man, I promise to buy him a beer Jonathan.  Thank you for your good work.

The book can be purchased at Amazon.com. 

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