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June 28, 2009

Supreme Court Voting for This Term

The term is not quite over yet but I enjoy fooling around with the numbers - all the data is at scotusblog.com. 

Of the 77 times the court has voted this term, Roberts was in the majority 63 times meaning he chose the author of the opinion 63 times.  Stevens chose the author 12 times when he was in the majority and Roberts was not and Scalia chose the author two times - the two times Stevens and Roberts were on the minority side togther.  Of the 12 times Stevens chose the author, he chose himself 4 times, Ginsburg 2, Kennedy 2, Thomas, Souter, and Scalia once.  There was one per curiam opinion in this group.

Kennedy was in the minority on only 5 cases the whole term.  Of the 21 5-4 rulings, Kennedy was in the majority 17 times.  Of those 17, he alligned with the "right," i.e., Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Thomas 10 times.  He aligned with the "left," 5 times, and only two times were there 5-4 opinions with some alignment other the expected right and left. 

I better go get some exercise. 

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